Ecommerce Dissertation

An e-commerce dissertation is a lengthy, original, investigation-based text composed by a business or marketing doctoral student as the final requirement of their degree. E-commerce dissertations are typically studies of particular models, trends, or practices in commerce, and aim to reveal significant insights in the industry. Continue reading “Ecommerce Dissertation”

Coursework Summary

Coursework summaries are given to every student at the beginning of every course. A coursework summary informs the student of what will be expected during the course. Courseworks summaries are not intended to be written in stone and may change throughout the duration of the course. An instructor may add or subtract assignments as necessary to update the coursework summary at any time. Continue reading “Coursework Summary”

Dissertation Outline

A dissertation outline is a detailed plan of a college report. It is intended to serve as an organizational design for a writer so that all of the necessary information for a university report is included and presented in the most easily understood way. Such documents are very long texts; therefore, dissertation outlines can be several and even dozens of pages. In this way, a dissertation outline is quite different from an essay or research paper outline. Continue reading “Dissertation Outline”

Dissertation Consulting

A dissertation consulting service is one in which a professional dissertation consultant will advise students about many aspects of their documents. There are many different types of reports, including projects that high school students write, undergraduate dissertations, Masters degree dissertations, and PhD dissertations. Some dissertations consulting services will provide services for all of these different types of reports. However, most services will specialize in Masters and PhD dissertation consulting services.

When a student hires a professional for a dissertation consulting service, the student needs to know exactly what he or she is looking for from the service in order to maximize time and ensure that he or she gets the results he or she needs. In order to determine what help the student needs, the pupil can make a list of all of the points he or she struggles with or the student could consult with his or her academic advisor.

Once a student determines why he or she needs dissertations consulting help, the pupil can find the right professional to help him or her refine his or her strengths. The student may be able to access on-campus resources through a writing center or by asking an advisor for contact information for a dissertation consultant.

The student should approach a dissertation consultant with as much information as possible, including examples of his or her notes and an outline or draft. The dissertations consulting professional can review the student’s notes and drafts in order to get a better idea of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Students may wish to meet only once with a dissertation consulting professional. Or, learners can have regular consultations in order to get hands-on support throughout the report writing and development process.

A dissertation consulting professional may have many roles, depending on the needs of a pupil. For example, the professional may help the student to find resources for his or her research. The professional could also help with the editing and refinement of the report. The professional may even help with the presentation and defense. However, the report consulting professional is not simply and editor or a writer.

A dissertation editor or writer is someone that will work closely with a student on the report report itself. The professional will provide close support that may even include writing portions. However, a consultant will merely provide feedback and support; not hands-on writing or in-depth editing. Therefore, dissertations consulting professionals serve more as a coach than as a teammate or substitute.

The Life Of A Writer: What Writing For Money Is Like

Sipping coffee at a café, I am currently fulfilling the freelance writing dream as a write this article. For many freelancers struggling to make ends meet, the future may seem bleak. There are articles and opportunities out there for freelancers who make the leap into full-time work. Online writing offers a flexible schedule that writers’ desire. For the more motivated writer, there are jobs that exist writing magazine articles, trade reports and books. Continue reading “The Life Of A Writer: What Writing For Money Is Like”

Freelance Content Material Writers Versus Professional Article Writing Firm

Your choice to hire freelance articles writers or even a professional content writing firm should be mulled over carefully, because it would instantly affect the potency of your content. Both equally these options have their particular benefits and drawbacks, which need to be considered carefully and a decision should be taken depending on your needs and requirements. Continue reading “Freelance Content Material Writers Versus Professional Article Writing Firm”

Sample Examples Of Dissertations

Your dissertation will follow the five (5) Chapter format mentioned below:

Statement of your hypothesis.
Review of your literature.
Analysis of the problems(s) or significant issues(s) involved.
Summary of your findings and your conclusions/recommendations.

Proposal Preparation:

Chapter 1:
This would contain an introduction which includes a statement of the problem, an overview of the study, the significance of the study [its purpose, importance and application(s)], how and why it is important. It states the rationale and the scope of the study and describes in detail what you have set out to prove or demonstrate through the research.

Chapter 2:
This chapter would focus on the treatment & the research that has already been done on the topic. It would contain a review of related literature, which might include past research and writings and their impact on the study. Also, the work of renowned or unknown authors, who have written on similar subjects, has been researched with both the negative and positive perspectives.

The method and the research plan are explained in this chapter whereas specific tools, statistical procedures or techniques used are described extensively. For historical methodologies and case study, a detail of current events associated with the review of related literature/information as discussed in Chapter 2 is provided.

Summary of Proposal:

1. Title Page.
2. Contents.
3. First three chapters (completed).
4. References or Bibliography.

Keep in mind that your first three chapters are not yet final. These chapters
are open to revision while the final paper is being completed.

Final Paper:

Completion of your final paper finalizes the process begun with the proposal by writing the last two chapters.

Chapter 4:
The Data Analysis Section: Evaluate your findings; the factors that could limit your data, where possible omission/errors could occur and the reliability of your data.

Required Heading:

Data Analysis.
Present an overview of your analysis.

Chapter 5:
1. Summary, Discussion and Recommendations.
2. The results of your study are stated.
3. Also presents any significant findings directly while states conclusions drawn.
4. Remember, the required heading should be: Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations.

Summary of Final Paper:

1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Abstract
4. Chapters 1-5
5. References or bibliography

Dissertation Project

Students in PhD programs will often have to write dissertation projects in order to graduate from the PhD program. A dissertation project basically requires that students research a particular topic in depth and then write a very detailed report about their findings through the research. These dissertation projects often make or break a student’s career post-PhD program. Therefore, students need to be focused as they work on their document projects. Continue reading “Dissertation Project”