Presentation Skills Courses

It is definitely an erroneous notion that only people who are born with excellent communication skills and a bit of the gift of the gab can become proficient at communication skills. The truth of the matter is that each and every one of us can become an experienced person at presentation skills with a little bit of careful grooming. There are some very effective presentation skills courses that can help you learn how to present yourself in a better manner, socially as well as professionally. Continue reading “Presentation Skills Courses”

Tips for Essay Outline Formats

Essay outline formats play a very prominent role in essay writing. When someone goes through your essay, the first thing he/she would notice would be the essay topic and  next would be the layout, presentation or the format of your essay.  Thus essay formats help a lot with the first impression your essay makes and if you manage to reel in the reader the very first time he/she even looks at your essay; then you’re a successful essay writer! Continue reading “Tips for Essay Outline Formats”

A Fight with the Red Eyes: Conjunctivitis and the Weekend Writer

After being down for quite a time, the weekend writer is back on track! The recent weather disturbance in the form of monsoon rains have greatly affected the Philippines. Thankfully, oDesk had been considerate enough to inform clients and employers of possible issues with their Filipino contractors. My client understood my decision to simply withdraw my application after a couple of days not being online and unable to provide his requirements. Continue reading “A Fight with the Red Eyes: Conjunctivitis and the Weekend Writer”

Business Motivational Speakers

Many a times it is seen that after a point in time, your team gets exhausted, starts lacking in enthusiasm, and need a boost up for ensuring more sincerity and productivity in their work. if you want motivation for your team to make them feel good about what they are doing, or in case you want to bring about a meaningful transformation in the workings of your team, or you company for that matter, you may arrange for an event that will include motivational business speaking by some one who excels in the field, from amongst people who are dedicated towards unleashing your employee potentials. Continue reading “Business Motivational Speakers”

Researchers and Writers Don’t Catch the Punchline Right

I work as a full time researcher and this puts my online writing on the side lines. I didn’t realize recently how serious the role of researchers are in our field of work. Being one of the newest in the department and having no experience in research analysis at all, I find myself always at lost when the “older” ones discuss work matters. I think, if it wasn’t for my writing abilities (which is actually more on creative and free-form) I wouldn’t be placed were I am right now. Continue reading “Researchers and Writers Don’t Catch the Punchline Right”

First Class Dissertation

Dissertation papers are a form of academic papers that are assigned to students for the purpose of attaining higher degrees. This types of academic papers are not easy to write on as they come with numerous requirements and rules. Writing a first class dissertation papers demands a student to be well adapted to writing lengthy and detailed research papers. Continue reading “First Class Dissertation”