10 Writing Tips

Our goal is to create Ten of the best tips for writing great content, this page changes daily, so you can find new tips all the time.

1.  One step at a time remember that a good story has a beginning a middle and end.

2.  Know your subject, spend time learning about what you want to write, knowing what you want to write about is not enough.

3.  Articles should be between 300 and 750 words, if you go beyond this point consider making it a series instead of an article.

4.   Submission of your article. Do not submit your article immediately after you have completed it. Read it over and make sure you included all that you want to say, and most importantly, get someone else to read it, and sincerely accept any criticism from the reader.writing tips

5.  The objective of your article. Remember, you are writing an article, not a sales letter. The article should inform and lead readers to your website, where the selling will begin at the website. You do not want to risk losing your credibility with articles that are obvious sales letters.

6.  Stay focused by making sure your article stays on track. Should you deviate from your original intention, make a note about the new article idea that you have accidentally found, and get back on track with your original plan.

7.  Write in simple and easy to understand sentences. Use a conversational tone, write like the way you talk. In this way, your personality will shine through, and this is the first step to building a relationship with your readers.

8.  Create an outline and follow it to its logical conclusion.

9.  Develop the subject using research and add your own unique writing style

10.  Edit your content and update it on a regular basis.