4 Guest Posting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit

A lot of guest posters still do some unnecessary mistakes which ought not to be done in the first place. There are a lot of guest posting mistakes which bloggers do on a regular basis – which you shouldn’t be caught doing. These are some of them –

  1.   Sending Duplicate Content. Sending copied contents as guest post won’t do any blogger any good. If you want to be a respected blogger online, then you have to be able to churn out blog posts by yourself.

When someone is caught guest posting copied contents on a regular basis – it may tarnish the person’s blogging career. Always strive to write your own content.
Do you find it hard creating your own articles?
You have no idea where to search for posts ideas?

            This is how to develop a good content-

  • Through Quora and Yahoo! Answer:

A lot of people meet on this question and answer sites to find solution to their numerous problems. And some of the problems they have are virtually potential blog post in your niche which haven’t been solved yet or written about.

Just utilize the problem and make it a blog post on your blog – so that you’d be the only one in the blogosphere with the answer to that particular problem.

  • Read Big Blogs In Your Niche:

When you’re dry of post ideas – you can locate top blogs in your niche; go through their large database of blog posts and read through at least 10 of them. If this is earnestly done in the right way, you’d end with at least 2 or more post ideas on what to write about.

These are some of the top blogs I read in my niche when I’m dry of ideas on what to write about, you can also read them and get post ideas also –

5 Top Blogs I Read-

  • Youngprepro.com
  • Problogger.net
  • Copyblogger.com
  • Contentmarketingup.com
  • Probloggertips.com
  • Blog Comments

You can equally locate posts ideas by going through your blog or any other popular blog comment’s section.

There are usually a lot of questions or problems which commenter’s might voice out about. It’s now left for you to take hold of that opportunity and copy out their problems and questions and create a blog post answering them.

  • Forums

If you want to find post ideas on a continuous level – then you need to subscribe to top forums in your niche. People meet there on a daily basis to share their problems and discoveries. This means, you can get a lot of post ideas just by visiting a section on the forums you’re subscribed to.

Having read all the way to get and write your own content – it is imperatively important for me to tell you one more time, “Don’t send duplicate content as guest post”.

Strive to write your own articles using the step I just showed you above.

2. Not Reading a Blog’s Guest posting Guidelines. When you don’t read a blog’s guest posting guidelines before you pitch them a guest post – it will result in you sending off-topic guest post to the blog.

You can’t pitch a sports’ post to problogger.net and expect Georgina (Problogger’s content manager) to accept the guest post. If the guest post doesn’t correspond with the problogger’s guest posting guidelines -then it will definitely be rejected by her.

Always strive to read the guest posting guidelines before you even think of writing the guest post.

3. Sending a Guest Post Without Proofreading. I’ve come to realize that no man on earth is perfect in writing – if the man doesn’t proofread his articles after writing, then error is inevitable. I’ve written wonderful guest posts which I could have vouched for had no glitches whatsoever. But how wrong was I?

When I started to proofread this guest post assumed to be “perfect”  – I found errors which were totally silly and had no meaning when read out; I was totally confounded and surprised, because I had a great confidence that what I was writing then didn’t have no typo (since I was literally typing the words slowly from my keyboard).

This taught me an invaluable lesson that day – it taught me to always proofread any article or guest post I write, no matter how confident I am about it perfectness.

So you see? It is crucial and very necessary for you to always proofread your guest posts, this will help you communicate more clearly to the readers of the blog you want to guest post for.

4. Sending Low Quality Guest Post. This mistake, if continued – will dwarf your guest blogging campaign. No blogger wants to read or accept boring or low quality articles as guest post.

A guest post that’s written very well and is full of useful strategies – is far better than 20 guest posts written nonchalantly without useful stuffs in it.

The cheapest way to turn a “PRO” in the blogosphere is when you decide to always send magnificent guest posts which can equally be sold for a good price.

Don’t you know that Glenn Allsop of viperchill.com said that he can never pitch a guest post or update an article in his blog if it isn’t up to 3000 words?

If he can only send quality guest posts only, then you have to strive to send your best articles as guest post.