4 Secrets of Top Copywriters

Want to become a top copywriter? In this article, well look at four secrets of the top copywriters, and why they make ten times more than you do. Lets start with considering what a copywriter does. A copywriter writes copy, which is usually sales material but may also be longer material like speeches and company reports.

Top copywriters:

1. Specialize Specialists Are Worth More

Top copywriters always specialize. A copywriter may specialize in a highly paid area like health copywriting, technology copywriting, or direct response. He may specialize because he already has training in that area, or because he deliberately targets an area, and gets training.

2. Get Known They Ask for Testimonials

Top copywriters build their business on the results they get for clients. They ask for, and get testimonials. In many cases, the wording of a testimonial is agreed on even before the copywriter starts work on a project. For example: ___________ achieved a 10 percent response rate; our previous best response was three per cent.

They focus on getting testimonials which confirm the results they’ve achieved because they know that nothing succeeds like success.

3. Market Consistently

A friend whos a specialist copywriter has been advertising in the same trade magazine for the past three years. He’s very busy, and highly paid, but he keeps advertising. He says: I advertise to keep my name out there. Its good for the past and current clients to see my name, and of course, it brings in new clients.

Not only does he run advertisements, he also attends conventions and trade shows, and sends out a monthly newsletter.

The rates he charges is astronomical, but his clients are happy to pay them because they want to hire the best, and his marketing reassures them that he is indeed the best.

4. Build Their Portfolio

Top copywriters build their portfolio. A strong portfolio example of past work brings in new clients. However, that’s not its only function its also a record of achievement.

A top copywriter takes pride in his work and aims to improve his work year by year. His portfolio is a record of the milestones he’s achieved, and he knows that his personal best is always ahead of him.

Copywriting is a field which offers limitless opportunities. Use the secrets of the top copywriters in your own endeavors, and you’ll be amazed at your own success in years to come.