4 Things to do after guest posting on a blog


After guest posting on a blog, what is the next line of action? What exactly should one do during that period?  Below are things you should do immediately you hit “submit” on your keyboard.1. Share the blog post

Make sure to share the guest post on different social media sharing buttons that’s available on the blog. Always do this to increase the awareness of the guest post among your friends.

Your friends or even potential clients may come reading your guest post once you’ve shared the guest posts on different platforms – this may surely bring in clients on end.

2. Write a follow-up post

A follow-up post is an article that is written to continue a former one which went viral. This should only be done when a just written guest post goes totally viral and is sending a huge amount of visitors to one’s blog.

It will help you connect more to people coming to your blog from the viral guest post. Instead of them reading a few lines and taking off- they’ll see the continuation of the guest post which they love so much. This will surely make them returning readers.

3. Ask for Comment

Always remember to ask for comment from the readers of the blog you guest posted for. This should be done immediately you submit the guest post, ask for comment, ask for opinion concerning what has been said -and I can assure you, the comments will triple because of the comment reminder you initiated.

4. Follow Up Comment

Don’t just guest post and forget the blog you guest posted for; strive to follow-up on the order of comments from the blogs’ readers. Reply readers’ questions with enthusiastic and heart-warming comments.

By so doing, you’ll increase the guest post interactivity level and keep more comment coming from all over the internet.