5 Places To Get Paid For Writing

To find ways to get paid for writing is the key to freedom for many people. Almost everyone these days possesses the dream of working online from home and earning a comfortable income doing it. A work from home career is often associated with more free time, higher productivity and the freedom to carve your own future the way you want it to be. In essence, you get to call the shots here. Writing for money is merely one f the thousands of ways anyone can use to earn an income form home. For those who have a keen interest to write, this is certainly an avenue worth exploring. It is common for the most successful Internet entrepreneurs to start with an online paid writing job so you never know where this path would lead you to somewhere down the road.5 Places To Get Paid For Writing

Writing for money online can give you a nice comfortable income for yourself and the family while opening new doors of opportunities for you at the same time. For aspiring authors and writers, there is no better way than to launch an online career wring for money through the Internet. There are so many places you can start looking for your first writing job but here are the top 5 places we have picked to make it easy for you.

#1: Freelance Sites

There are a number of reputable online sites where you specifically get paid for writing. You can start searching for these sites and post a profile and your offer online. Competition is strictly tough over here and you have to have excellent writing skills to be hired. The upside is, you get to work at your own time and space without being constrained by tight schedules. However, there are usually deadlines to adhere to and failure to do so would seriously impact your budding writing career.

#2: Forums

Forums are another good way to search for paid writing jobs. Webmaster forums for instance are chock full of demand for good article writers. However this is a world full of scammers and cheaters. You may end up never getting paid for the work you have rendered. So it pays to be extra cautious when working under these circumstances

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#3: Craigslist

This is a popular ad site that lets you post your offer for a specified duration of time. There are no fees to post and your ad would be seen by people based on the geographical location you choose to place those ads on. This is another favorite place for scammers o you might not get up being pad for the work as well. Be sure about the terms of payment. Your buyer would be wary about being scammed and so should you, work on a win-win deal.

4#: Online Writing Companies

There are endless online writing services that do offer jobs for freelance writer be a part of their team, you can choose to send in resumes and samples of your writing. If you get hired, you may get more work than you can handle.

5#: SEO & Website Development Companies

SEO & website developers can provide unlimited opportunities to get paid for writing. These companies can be a jackpot of paid writing jobs, as they are always on the lookout for good writer and often need thousands and thousands of pages to make their SEO goals a reality. As the algorithms for the search engine gets tougher, it is vitally important for these companies to brush up and get their hands on totally unique and high quality content to support their goals. This is where the writer comes in with their offers.