7 ways to search for guest posting opportunities

I know one of the hardest things for a newbie blogger on the guest blogging topic – is finding blogs to guest post for. It’s sometimes strenuous to find blogs which fits exactly to one’s guest posting need. But I can assure you that problem will die down by the time you finish reading this blog post to the end.1 – Through search engines

There are a lot of search engines all over the internet. You can use anyone to search for blogs that accept guest posts. Below are some of the guest blogging key phrases to use when searching for blogs that accept guest posts.

Just make sure you replace the – “niche” part below with your niche.

“Niche” Submit guest post  e.g. “technology” Submit guest post

“Niche” Submit article e.g. “blogging tips” Submit article

“Niche” Submit tip e.g. “Photography” Submit post

“Niche” Submit news e.g. “Fashion” Submit News

“Niche” Write for us e.g. “Education” Write for us

“Niche” Contribute an article e.g. “Web Design” Contribute an article

“Niche” Guest blogging  e.g. “Travel” Guest blogging

“Niche” Guest posting e.g. “Health” Guest posting

“Niche” article submission e.g. “Finance” Article submission

Maybe these key phrases above aren’t enough for you at the moment.  But with time, you’ll get to know more key phrases to use when you want to search for blogs that accepts guest post.

2 – Through Blog Comment

You can search and find blogs that “accept guest posts” through the comment section of a blog.

Just click on people’s link down at the comment section – go to their blogs and find out whether they have a “submit guest post” page. If they do, then you’ve gotten yourself a new blog to guest post on.

If they don’t – still contact them; there is no harm in asking whether a blog accepts guest post.

3 – From Top Guest posters

Do you know of any prolific guest bloggers in your niche? Do you know you can search for blogs which they recently guest posted on?

Well, this is how to go about it – Google the prolific guest blogger’s name along side these guest blogging key phrases:


Keyword                                      Name

“Guest post by”                        Bamidele Onibalusi

“Guest author”                            Yeremi Akpan
These above are some of the top names and keywords which are very popular in my niche. Once you’ve done a Google search for the top guest bloggers in your niche, then Google will display search queries of their recent guest posts on other blogs. From there, you can go to those blogs and add them to your lists of blogs to guest post for.

4 – From Alltop

With Alltop you can locate blogs on different niches which accepts guest post. Alltop is a site which displays links to the latest posts on some of the best blogs online. So you can practically start to contact those blogs to know whether they accept guest post.

5 – From Google Blog Search

You can get guest-post accepting blogs through Google Blog Search – it is a search engine by Google which is specifically focused on “blogs”.

To use it maximally, type your niche into the search bar with this keyword- “submit guest post” and you’d get to see lots of blogs which accepts guest post.

6 – Social searches

A lot of bloggers do share their guest posts on social media sites like twitter. With twitter – you can search for the term “guest post” and it will show you the recent people who just shared a guest post on a blog.

Follow the guest post link and add the blog to your lists of blogs to “submit guest post” to.

  • MyBlogGuest.com. This website has been truly magnificent and very helping to those looking for blogs to guest post for. It is literally full of bloggers looking for blogs to guest post for and bloggers looking for people to guest post for their blogs.

Register and connect with bloggers who need guest posts.

  • Backlinkwatch.com. With this wonderful tool you’d be able to get any blog’s entire backlinks in one sitting. This tool can be handy when you want to analyze your rival’s backlinks to get their backlinking strategy. And since there is a possibility that one or more of your competitors have backlinks from guest posts they have done. You might get to see those backlinks using backlinkwatch.com.

Just copy the blog URL that your competitor’s guest posted for, and add them to your lists of “blogs to guest post” for.

7 – Through Technorati Blogs Directory

The large archives of blogs that Technorati has accumulated over the years are now a hotspot for every blogger searching for top blogs that accept guest posts.  This is also one of the greatest ways to locate big blogs which might be have an opening for guest posters – since Technorati features mainly top blogs with huge online reputation.