Advice about Writing Introduction

Many students rank themselves among “I hate writing” academic category, as they have constant problems with various kinds of writing assignments. This “I hate writing” problem is the cause of the persistent unwillingness of getting acquainted with the main rules of writing process or the lack of necessary writing skills. The last case depends on the favor of the Nature and you can chance it only with the constant and concentrated practice. In the first case, you can overcome this “I hate writing” symptom with the help of our article. So read it from cover to cover.
Certain students cannot start writing the main body until they produce the perfect introduction. But you should be aware of the risks of wasting too much time to the introduction. Some of time may be more helpfully used for planning and writing.Advice about Writing Introduction
You may turn out to be a writer creating an introduction first to explore your thinking on the subject. If it is so, remember you may condense your introduction at the following stage.
It can be good to leave the introduction writing for a later phase in the writing process. Some students compose their introduction just after completing the rest of the paper. Others create the introductory part first but then rewrite it extensively in view of what they finish saying in the main body.
The introductions can be efficiently written in a single paragraph occupying from half to three-quarters of your first page. The introduction size should bear relationship to the complexity and length of your work. A twenty-page document may need a two-page introduction, when a five-page work will not.