An Introduction To Thesis MLA

Thesis MLA is a formatting specification from the Modern Language Association. It is a popular formatting specification for works related to research in humanities, English studies as well as study of other languages and literary works. Thesis MLA specification is published in the MLA style manual. MLA thesis statement follows a Works Cited page approach as opposed to the author-date system in APA style.Guide to MLA

The thesis MLA format thesis specification is a much more comprehensive guideline set, which covers a lot more formatting aspects than those covered in the APA style. Thesis MLA focuses more on ease of reading instead of looking typographically well organized. Thesis MLA specification asks for body text to be in a 12 point, Times New Roman font. All text should be left aligned while the headings should be center aligned. Thesis MLA does not recommend font justification but specifies a 1-inch margin on each of the four sides of the page.

According to thesis MLA specification, there should be double spacing in lines and printing should be done only on single side of the paper. There should be no hyphenation or automatic hyperlinking, rather website URLs should be put in angle brackets. Thesis MLA specification says that underlining should be substituted by italicization while printing.

Citing A Thesis MLA

Thesis MLA style specification follows the Works Cited page approach as mentioned earlier. The text in this page should also be 12 point, Times New Roman. All entries should be double-spaced and should use half an inch wide hanging indent. Dates mentioned here should be written in the format where first day is mentioned, followed by month in a three alphabet abbreviated form and finally the year. The title of the work may be in italics or should be underlined, as per the researchers choice.

Thesis MLA specifies that works from books should be cited with authors last name followed by first name, book title in italics, some optional publication information like place and year of publication and name of the publisher. The thesis MLA specification for articles originally published in magazines or other periodicals is a bit different. This is mentioned by authors last name and then first name, a title of the article in double quotes, the title of the periodical in italics, date of the periodical, volume number if required and page number if required. Thesis MLA specification for references from dictionary or encyclopedia starts with author’s name (last name first), the title of the entry in double quotes, the title of the reference book in italics followed by edition number if applicable and publication year.

Apart from this, MLA format thesis statement also has specifications for non-printed reference sources like sound recordings, websites, CD-ROMs and personal interviews.