Are you suited for a distance learning college?

Studies have shown who is more likely to be successful with distance learning.

While there is opportunity for quite a bit of interaction with other students and the teacher online, it is mostly through the written word, on the computer.

Therefore, if you have a strong need for affiliation, you may need more face-to-face contact and participation, as is found in traditional campus college life (e.g. school clubs and activities).

Surveys have found that many traditionally aged college students (18-22) do better in a traditional college setting, while older students do very well in online colleges.

A distance learning education is usually more suited for people who are career minded or have family obligations and, therefore, can not afford to “drop out of life” to get an education. Mature students, many times, have learned, from real-life experience, how hard it is to escape a dead-end job without an education. In other words, they are highly motivated.

As mentioned earlier, though, some distance learning colleges allow you to combine distance learning with taking actual college courses in a college near you. So you can tailor make an education that precisely meets your needs.