Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays present one side of an argument. Naturally, the goal here is to be as convincing as possible so that the reader is swayed into adopting your line of thought. For writing argumentative essays effectively, one must first be sure of his or her own point-of-view on a subject. It can be really difficult to write an essay advocating a viewpoint that is not truly what you believe. Hence, it is advisable to pick a subject to write on that is not contrary to your own views and beliefs. However, occasionally a teacher or professor may make the choice for you.

Argumentative Essay TopicsIn such cases you would have to thoroughly research the subject and collect sufficient information and facts as well as statistics on the subject so as to first convince yourself. Equipping yourself with sufficient facts and figures is part of the job though. It is just as important to present the information you collect in such a way that it manages to impress and convince rather than bore the reader.

Argumentative essay topics can range from anything like it could be some major political issue to topics like the role of women in modern-day Indian society. Some examples of argumentative essays are, “Global warming – genuine threat or propaganda?” for instance or “The need for school uniforms”.

It is absolutely imperative to workout an argumentative essay outline right at the start of such a project. This helps one organize his or her thoughts. This is really important because without an outline to guide you through, you run the risk of writing too much on one point and therefore neglecting to mention or inadequately expressing the others.