Art Thesis

A graduate degree student in the arts will be called upon to write an art thesis. Many view the art thesis as an assignment with a great deal of leeway, but artistic students know better. Just as in any thesis, an art thesis is a complicated, research intensive, and time consuming endeavor which carries a great deal of weight for the artistic student’s future.The leeway in preparing an art thesis comes in the wide range of topics that artistic students often have to choose from. Nearly everything, from dance to graffiti, has been, at some point, defined as artwork. And, although various forms of expression may very well be artwork, the point of an art thesis is to prove the assertion that the writer is attempting to defend.

Artwork theses present the unique opportunity for primary, or original, research as well as writing a college report based on the data and studies of others. Since artwork is certainly not a stagnant subject, artwork theses topics present students with a wealth of subjects, those explored for centuries and those newly emerging, from which to choose.

An art thesis is a rather long composition, ranging from 30 to 50 pages or more. The art thesis should include an introduction, abstract, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion. In an art thesis which strives to conduct primary research, the methodology chapter will be very different from an art thesis which intends to use existing research.

thesis statements

Primary research for an art thesis can be conducted using interviews, observations, and even surveys. Although, even in artwork theses, there is still a great deal of background research needed, the opportunity to explore a subject in ways that aren’t the norm is greater than artwork theses which rely on existing research. This fact can be noted and explored in the methodology chapter.

The art thesis, like any report, relies heavily on a well-thought-out thesis statement. This statement is the basis of the entire paper and should therefore be created after quite a bit of thought and perhaps discussion with an instructor or advisor. The rest of the report must support the thesis statement, so it is important to make sure that the thesis statement help is solid.

Most students will be assigned an advisor whose job it is to ensure that he or she presents the best paper possible. However, even the best advisor cannot do his or her job without a student who is invested in the success of the project. It is important that the student work together with the advisor and that the student use the advisor to provide information, instruction, advice, and suggestions for his or her art thesis.