Article critique

As the name states for itself Article Critique is an individual and so very subjective critical review of a given article. Writing critique is one of the most required academic skills since it requires the writer to be able to understand the originators state of thoughts and express own point of view on the matter discussed.The main element of writing a good article critique is being able to understand the exact meaning of the text as the author intended it to be. The more the reader is able to notice about author’s logics – the better the critique would become. It is quite normal that the reader will agree with the point of the author yet has something to add or comment. It is still a perfect article critique in this case. writers have a substantial experience in writing critical essays or providing critique on someone else’s work. It must be noted that certain specialized articles, like medical, scientific or technological, require the critic to be very familiar not only with the particular topic but also with the industry in general. Having a good understanding of the topic in broader terms allows the writer to bring more arguments and present the case with solid background.

That is why, whenever we are asked for help on article critique, we make sure that only the writers with necessary background or experience are employed for this job. And that is why we continuously expand our writers’ pool and are able to boast writers with knowledge, experience and even professional certifications when it comes to work. We have writers with MBA, BBA, CPA, PhD, ACCA, CIA and others.