Article Marketing Mix ? How to Write More Articles Fast?

Article marketing mix! Article promotion really may seem you as a mixture of various tactics and strategies. But you can write more articles quick only if you are regular and systematic in your article marketing. So do you want to find out a small article writing secret from Non-Native English Marketer? I’m using various methods and strategies to speed up my article writing day by day. But in this article, I’d like to talk about one of the most vital quick article writing secrets to avoid article marketing mix.

What Is My Small Article Writing Secret? 

This is quite simple. I make a huge list of article titles in advance.

You may wonder why it is so vital for quick article writing. Let me show you top 2 benefits of this article writing secret:

1.    You Avoid Article Marketing Mix.  article writing

Have you ever thought how disorganized you become when you don’t know what to write about. At this time your competitors are producing and submitting tens of articles to top article directories to generate more and more traffic.

So writing down article titles in advance will help you become more organized and save you more time and energy. 

2.    You Save A Lot Of Time. 

When I make a full list of titles for a week, I notice that I save a lot of time for my other vital projects. Just apply this quick article writing secret and you will know that how enjoyable article marketing is indeed. Just imagine, every day you write articles quicker than ever, simple thanks to making titles in advance.


To avoid article marketing mix, try my quick article writing secret just today and after a month, notice how your speed, traffic and income is increasing day by day!