Article Marketing

What do you think about Article marketing is it real or is it just a farce?

So is article marketing as it once was in the old days when it worked, dead and gone now?

In a recent blog post, one of the editors over at EZA was pontificating about how we need to do a better job of generating content but I have to wonder what they might be smoking over there simply because without writers, I am fairly certain that EZA would not be in business for long, but they have these, so called editors, that seem to have this better than thou attitude.

One blog commenter, made the statement that the diamond upgrade was paid, the blog mistress made a point of saying that it was earned, not paid for, but in reality, if you put the time into developing the kind of content that the diamond status requires, is that no worth money?

If you found a client and put that much time and effort into generating content for them would you not be getting paid, and I mean way more than the symbolic status of diamond, you know what EZA is a joke.

So my question to EZA, is simply Why bother with publishers that don’t really know much about publishing, when you look at some of these examples you have to wonder, about where they went to school.   Ezine articles may have just shot themselves in the foot by playing God with submissions.

Why bother with maniacal issues getting approved by the new and so called improved EZA because you could make more money and get more traffic by publishing it on your own website instead of dealing with jerks that do not even know how to spell.

So why bother with Ezine Articles when you can publish it on your own website.

In a recent very controversial, decision (at least to some online) Google decided to change up the way they were distributing the search results on their website, which is not unusual, however, for a change in policy it appears that original content is something that google and more importantly google consumers are looking for, some of these websites will not be missed and still others may need to make adjustments.

The main concern seems to be in relation to the quality of the content and how that content is presented to the consumer.

For the most part publishing has been a fairly straight forward process, you type it up and edit it then you publish it, that process is changing and over time it will continue to change. Article marketing is a changing process, what used to be considered good content is now considered, well not so good, when you look at what we view as content then you have to begin to understand that in time everything changes, from how we speak to how language is used in publications.