Article Writing Tips: How To Write Articles That Ezine Publishers Would Love To Publish

If you are a writer that has been writing article after article and have not yet had one published by a well-loved ezine or newsletter publication, then you might be doing something incorrect. Ezine publishers are desperate for excellent articles they can use for distribution, and with a small effort, one of your articles could be published in front of several thousands (or even millions) of subscribers.Here are 5 article writing tips to help you make an article that the newsletter publishers want to publish.

Article Writing Tip # 1: Be An Authority on the Subject.

If you have been writing dozens of articles, but on many different topics, then no wonder you have not had one of your articles chosen yet. There are a set number of articles you will need to publish in order to be seen as an authority in that niche: At least one hundred, in most cases.Картинки по запросу writing tips

You can very well have over a hundred articles in one niche, on different directories, as long as you circulate your articles properly. Webmasters go to different directories to look for publishable articles, not just one or two. There are some tales of articles being chosen for major websites and ezines from smaller lesser-known directories. Don’t place all of your eggs in just one or two baskets, or article directories; get your name and credibility known across the web. This is what the huge players do.

Remember one thing: the huge article directories that have made a name for themselves by accepting a lot of articles also have a lot of junk published there too. Some ezine publishers don’t want to waste their time wading through pools of unusable articles to find one hidden gem. They don’t have the time, and will instead look at other sources.

Article Writing Tip # 2: Make It Readable.

This just covers the basics, but it is vital to remember nonetheless so it has been included in this list. One spelling mistake can seem like a glaring outpoint to a webmaster that is protecting his reputation, and that article will be passed over as quick as it has been read.

Spelling and grammar must be perfect in the article. There should be lists and bullet points used to make it easily readable. Subheadings (if any) should be bolded so that the reader has a reason to carry on reading. The article itself should appear clean and clean, with no unnecessary distractions such as overuse of bolding, underlining or italics.

Article Writing Tip # 3: Make It a Quality Article

A quality article is one that has been researched well so that the content is fresh and place together in a way that the reader can know. It should flow from one point to the next, with everything understandable along the way.

The real thing that an ezine publisher will be looking for is that lightbulb moment, where something goes click and something has been made clear. A new twist on one thought can be that moment or merely a new viewpoint.

Find something that you can add to your article to make a spark ignite with the reader and your article will be viewed as a valuable commodity.

Remember, the ezine publicist has to shine in front of his readers as well. He has a reputation to uphold in his community and needs to find the best of the best articles that are out there. Supply him with one and he will watch your name for more.

Article Writing Tip # 4: Make It Timely.

An article about pet rocks is probably not going to cut it unless the webmaster is specifically looking for one about the value of ancient toys, or past toy trends. The chances of getting an article picked up are much higher if they are relevant to the issues and circumstances of today or the immediate future.

Stay caught up on the latest trends and movements in your niche and write about them. An excellent way to do this is to subscribe to get the latest news and events on your niche and have them delivered to your mailbox daily. You will be seen as the new up and coming writer on the topic, based on your knowledge of future trends.

Article Writing Tip # 5: Make It Fascinating

Nobody wants to read a dull article. Read it for yourself. If it is dull and monotonous, even though it has excellent content and excellent readability, it will not be picked. If possible, add some controversy, humor or fun information.

While this may not be possible for some subjects, there are many niches that can use exciting content in the article to keep the reader’s attention.

If you have to write about a more serious topic, then you should read some other articles that have been written about the same or similar topics, and examine different writing styles.

Some writers just have a way of making a dull topic come to life. There is no reason why you cannot do the same yourself, by mimicking their style a bit, to add some flair to an otherwise dull topic.

To find out how much the readers like an article, check for any rating system and see how readers have evaluated it. Some article directories provide a way for readers to rate the article, like giving it one star to five stars. You may also check to see any comments provided by readers. Positive comments and praises validate that you’re on the right track with this topic.

Use these article writing tips to come up with the best articles you can, so they can get picked up by ezine or newsletter publicists. The time spent in putting together one brilliant article is time well invested. If you keep writing and submitting this kind of article, you are nearly guaranteed to be noticed at some point and your articles will be published.