Article Writing Tips to Explode your Affiliate Earnings

If you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing, article writing is the way to go (especially for those on a tight budget). It’s free, and very effective as long as you impart helpful information to the readers. So if you’re ready to start profiting wildly with affiliate marketing, the article writing tips written below shall guide you on the right path.Article Writing Tip # 1 – Make it personal.

Write the article like you’re directly teaching the reader on a one-on-one basis. Use “you” or “your” more often because these words focus on the reader and grab attention.

Article Writing Tip # 2 – Write whatever thoughts come to your mind.

Some people get conscious about grammar or structure when they write, that it hinders the free flowing of thoughts. To offset this, just write anything that pops into your head, without paying attention to grammar or organization. After squeezing the last ounce of thought from your brain, that’s the time to organize, rewrite or edit your article to perfection.Article Writing Tips to Explode your Affiliate Earnings

Article Writing Tip # 3 – Make It Simple for the Reader.

Don’t use hard words. Some writers try to impress the reader with hard or technical words; what they don’t know is that they are only discouraging the reader from reading further because people want to avoid complicated matters at all cost. Remember the well loved KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Article Writing Tip # 4 – Never sell in the article itself.

Articles are effective pre-selling tools, meaning they can be used to successfully pre-sell something (through the author bio or resource box) if the content is quality or helpful. But, selling anything in the article itself will only turn down potential buyers. Give beneficial content in the article and use it as a pre-seller; then the author bio or resource box will do the rest.

Article Writing Tip # 5 – Articles should be based on facts or research.

If you’re going to give an opinion, make sure it does not go against any proven facts, figures or statistics. Facts are solid; opinions vary.

Article Writing Tip # 6 – The author bio or resource box should be related (or at least semi-related) to the article topic.

If you’re describing a persuasion website in your author bio or resource box, don’t write an article about “how to improve your basketball skills.” Instead, write an article related to the topic such as persuasion, negotiation, body language, or assertiveness. You may also write semi-related articles on topics such as public speaking or confidence building (these topic samples are all related to self-improvement).

Article Writing Tip # 7 – Maintain your focus.

The more articles you make, the more money you also make. Although an effective strategy in affiliate marketing, article writing is not a get-rich quick tactic; but when you consistently write articles as a habit and make them available online (by submitting to the top article directories and ezine publishers), you will reap positive long-term results.

Note: Please read the terms and conditions carefully. A few article directories like prohibit affiliate links in the resource box. To resolve this, make a website or a blog (using or where you can place details about the affiliate product you’re promoting. You can also buy a new domain name and redirect to your affiliate link.

You’ll be surprised to know that you can get unexpected long-term traffic now from articles you’ve written weeks, months, or even years ago. That’s the power of affiliate marketing powered by article writing.

Hope this affiliate marketing article has provided you with profitable article writing tips to skyrocket your affiliate commissions!