ATI College of Health Miami

ATI Health Education Training Miami offers a medical training curriculum at its’ Miami campus. ATI College of Health is conveniently located in the Northwest area of Miami on the service road of the Palmetto highway just three minutes from the Golden Glades Interchange and I-95. The campus is a 2-story, modern medical school within a gated office park . The campus provides the students with a professional and caring learning environment with laboratories that have a fresh clinical appearance and a park-like setting for outdoor relaxation between classes. ATI offers a variety of plans to assist students in financing their training. Students will have individual consultations to determine a financing arrangement that suits their needs and personal situation, and meets the requirements of the School. The school also offers job placement assistance, housing assistance, and organizes student activities.

Training Programs

Dental Assisting: The Dental Assisting (Texas) and Dental Assisting (AS Degree – Florida) programs prepare students for a dental assisting career within dental offices or clinics. Students learn four and six handed Chair Side Assistance, dental front office procedures, dental laboratory techniques, radiology, and CPR. Learning combines classroom, hands-on training, and an Externship. At the end of the program students prepare and take the RDA certification exam.

Medical Assisting: The Medical Assisting (Texas & Occupational Associate Degree – OAD in Florida) and Medical Assisting Technician (OAD in Florida) programs prepare graduates for entry-level employment with a medical center, medical office, clinic, minor emergency centers and many other health-care providers. Classroom instruction is combined with “hands on” learning and an externship.

Pharmacy Technician: The Pharmacy Technician (Occupational Associate Degree – OAD – Florida) program prepares graduates for employment opportunities in the pharmacological industry for preparing, packaging, and delivering medications within retail and health-system pharmacy settings. Students learn computerized medical records management, insurance billing and coding procedures, medicinal chemistry and classification, and lab procedures. Leaning is through a combination of classroom, hand-on and Externship training.

Respiratory Therapy Technology: The Respiratory Therapy Technology (AAS Degree- Texas) and Respiratory Therapy (AS Degree – Florida) programs prepare graduates for direct-patient care positions in skilled-nursing facilities, hospitals, hospices, physician’s offices, staffing agencies, and home-health care agencies. Programs of study include neonatal/pediatric, cardiopulmonary care, respiratory care case management, lung expansion therapy, practicum’s, and the RRT exam and licensure preparation.

Ultrasound Technician: The Diagnostic Ultrasound Technician (Florida) program prepares graduates for employment opportunities in the area of Ultrasound with clinics, medial offices, hospitals, and specialty-area environments. Training includes general sonography, cardiovascular and thoracic sonography, abdomen sonography, and an externship.