Become a Book Report Wizard

Every year, English is one of your core subjects. And every year, your English teacher assigns a book report. This is the same whether you live in Melbourne or Memphis or Manchester. The books may even be the same. And the format should look something like this: Introductory paragraph

This short paragraph should state the title of the book and the name of the author. It should also contain a brief description of the setting. This is not just something like “the story takes place in Canada”, but a little more detailed like “the story takes place on a cattle ranch 30 miles northwest of Calgary, Canada, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains”. Also in the introduction should be a summary of the story’s main idea, or briefly what the book is about.

Body of the report

This part of a book report is made up of many smaller paragraphs. This is the real “meat” of the report. Your teacher will be able to tell from the insights you put in here whether or not you actually read the book, and whether or not you understood the story and its themes.
You can start with a paragraph about the main characters. For each character you need to write their name, and what they are like. This may or may not include a physical description of the character, but it will definitely include a description of their personality.Become a Book Report Wizard
Every story contains some type of conflict, whether it is man versus man, man versus another power, or man versus himself. Figure out which type of conflict or problem exists in your story, and explain it in another paragraph.
The next three paragraphs you write will summarize the plot of the story as it moves to deal with the conflict or problem. First the story goes through a phase known as the rising action, where events are building up and the reader learns who is involved. The next phase is the climax, where the conflict reaches its crux. Finally, the story is wrapped up during the falling action, where the conflict is resolved.

Concluding paragraph

Your book report should end with a personal evaluation of the story. You can identify its strengths and weaknesses here, in your own opinion. Be sure to use examples from the book to back up your evaluation.