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When given an writing assignment, the goal of every student is to submit the best essay possible in order to receive the highest grade possible. Yet, students often fall short of turning in the best essay, merely because they fail to understand what is involved in writing such an assignment.The first consideration in writing the best reports should always be to follow the instructions set forth by the instructor for the assignment. The instructor will nearly always indicate the citation style, if any, to be used for the document. The instructor will also generally provide the topic or help students select an appropriate topic for their documents.

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Most instructors also help students with the actual structure of their document insomuch as they can help guide students as to how to put together the best essay possible. This might mean that the instructor manages the students’ paper-writing as part of the course by requiring that students approach the assignment in segments which must be approved before moving on to the next part of the assignment. For instance, an instructor might require that students submit their topic for consideration and discussion before allowing them to move along to the gathering of reference material.

Once the topic has been approved, the instructor might require that students gather a certain number of credible references such as books, journal articles, and other reputable source materials, and create a bibliography or annotated bibliography for submission to the instructor. Once the instructor inspects and approves the bibliography, the student might be required to present a thesis statement for approval. After the thesis statement has been approved, and modified if necessary, the student may be required to write an abstract, then an introduction, body, and conclusion.

This step-by-step system is one way for an instructor to help learners write the best essays possible. It is also often a part of the grade for the course. For this reason, it is important for students to follow instructions carefully and to request further guidance whenever necessary.

The best essays are also written with certain unspoken guidelines in mind. Attention to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are assumed when a student is presented with a college writing assignment, but far too many learners fail to pay attention to whether their documents are technically well-written. Even the most compelling report is not the best essay if the mechanics of the report are overlooked.