Blogging For Copywriters

What’s a blog? It’s an online journal, a Web log. Blogs have been popular online since 1998, because they’re a fast and simple way for anyone, without any Web publishing experience, to publish online. A blog is vital for build your copywriting services business because it gets you known as your blog’s content grows, you become more of a presence in the search engines, and get clients coming to you.Should you create a blog? YES, especially if you don’t have a Web site. You can get a free blog at any number of online sites; Blogger ( is the best known.

Writing a blog is as easy as writing an email message. All your posts to the blog are dated and archived, so it’s easy to find blog posts you made months ago.

Here are the benefits of a blog for your freelance copywriting business:

• its a no-cost way to get a Web site, and post your work samples, portfolio, and bio online;

• its easy promotion blogs are indexed by FAST, so the words you write to your blog today will appear on Google tomorrow this makes it easy for potential clients to find you;

• it builds your credibility: potential clients can learn about you easily and without obligation;

• your experience with blogging can lead to businesses hiring you to write blogs for them;

• its a good way to network online.