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Business and Marketing Advice from copywriter and marketing consultant Mark Andrews.

The purpose of your life in business is to enrich the lives of other people.

Supply solutions to the problems faced by others solving their frustration and pain and switching these negative emotions into positives i.e. providing your customers with their ideal solution should be the number one priority of any business owner.

When you provide answers to other peoples problems, solutions which work these customers reciprocate by giving you something in exchange (usually money) and hopefully you make a profit after expenses.

Now… everything in business starts with ideas.

If you can convince yourself of one key fact, do this… tell, convince yourself that you are a creative genius.

Make the affirmation to yourself every single day (many times if necessary), ‘I am a creative genius.’

The more you send to your mind positive affirmations concerning your positive and mental wellbeing – the more you will internally create and grow self belief to ultimately believe in yourself more.

Further… the more things you do to enrich the lives of other people the more reward you’ll get out of life. Period.

If you’re just thinking about setting up your own business and you’re not quite sure which way to turn, perhaps first you need to start by asking yourself a few questions.

Ask yourself…

How can I improve the lives of other people by a factor of 10%?

How can I model my business on someone else’s business who is already successful?

What are these people doing that I could do better?

Can I offer a service or a product faster or cheaper or of higher quality than my potential direct competitors?

What is my specialization?

What is my USP (unique selling proposition)?

What are my specific benefits?

Why should someone, a potential client for example believe that what I can do for them makes me the go to expert over and above anyone else?

Whatever business you’re in or thinking of starting up you need to know…

Which orders you would like to win?

What is your number one key benefit?

Why should somebody buy from you?

And last but not least…

Where are your potential customers based precisely?

Knowing the answers to these basic questions will stand you in good stead as you seek to acquire more business.

Remember… the purpose of life, the core purpose of your business which should underpin your company foundation is enriching the lives of everyone around you to one degree or another.

Being in business is all about helping people to solve their problems. If you want to be in business or you’re already in business, chances are, you’re already a problem solver. You enjoy finding and delivering solutions to other people because in essence you want to make their lives, your customers lives easier or more pleasant in some way.

And your potential customers, you need to understand a little about buying psychology. People you see very often do not buy goods, products, and services out of any logical reason or need to do so. What they really want to do is to find a way to alleviate or solve the emotional frustration and pain they’re in from being without the solution which you can bring to the table.

Your job in a nutshell is to convince your target market your business is the go to place to bring a solution to the emotional pain they’re currently in.

People love buying solutions. They don’t want to experience frustration or emotional pain. In a way people in today’s busy hectic world are already primed to seek solutions. Problems are everywhere all around us every single day. If you can help me or help your customers lives easier in some way – chances are the sale is in the bag.

Simply provide this target audience with the one single biggest benefit why someone should give you their business, their trust and their money, transition them away from being without their ideal solution to emotional happiness upon finding the answer to their prayers right at this very moment in time and you’ve just carved out a niche for yourself which no doubt you can earn a lot of money from.

More specific business and marketing advice will shortly appear here on this site. Please do remember to come back to read some more highly insightful posts very soon