Changing Your Writing for Different Kinds of Essays

It is no secret that different kinds of writing have different kinds of tones associated with them. Persuasive essays are going to sound different than personal stories, just because of their nature. In addition to this though, you need to be able to adjust your writing to suit a certain purpose. By being able to tweak this, your words will be much more effective. Here are some writing scenarios you may encounter so you can convey your thoughts in the right way.

Scholarship EssaysScholarship Essays

If you are planning to apply for essay scholarships to help you pay for college, you will need to be able to write in an academic, professional manner. The key here is to get your point across quickly, rather than taking your readers on a journey. You want to make a great impression from the first sentence. Hopefully that will be enough for you to win an award.

Class Essays

Writing an essay for class allows room for a big buildup. You don’t have to reveal your big point at the beginning. You can reveal it after you have supported it countless times over. I write so much online that I actually forget how to write like this sometimes. Just make sure that you support everything you say in detail, and you should be just fine.

Blog Posts

If you run your own blog, you can make the writing whatever you want it to be. I run about 250 of these suckers, and they all have a different tone to them. You can be super conversational in your blog, or you can make your work more formal. It’s really up to you. Just remember that people online have short attention spans. You’re probably not even reading this sentence now as a result of it ;)

Job Applications

Any writing you do for job applications needs to be short and to-the-point. Your potential employer doesn’t want to sift through hours of writing just to find out what you bring to the table. You need to make an impression in the first sentence. Bluntly convey your abilities in your writing, and you’ll be way more likely to get the job.