Choosing A Suitable Thesis Writing Software

Thesis writing has become computerized with the penetration of personal computers in our lives. There are a number of thesis writing software available these days. Depending upon which platform you use, you can choose software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. All these software rely on the TeX typesetting format, which makes it easier for the thesis software to accurately present scientific equations, mathematical formulas, economical charts and other such things, which would not be possible in a regular word processing application, like Microsoft Word.

The most common thesis software for Windows platform is the MiKTeX. This thesis writing software has been developed by Christian Schenk. Its also compatible with Microsofts new Windows Vista operating system. This thesis writing software is free of cost and can be redistributed freely to anyone as per the guidelines of the Free Software Foundation and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. This thesis writing software is also available on CDs or DVDs, which one can acquire if he is ready to purchase the author something from his wish list and thus become a known MiKTeX user.

Another common thesis or dissertation writing software available for Windows platform is the WinEdt. This thesis writing software is shareware and you can try it before you buy it. The main drawback with WinEdt is that even after purchasing it for a price ranging between 30USD to 70USD, you still have to install MiKTeX as WinEdt is only an intuitive front end of the thesis writing software.

If you are using the Mac OS X platform from Apple Inc. you have to look for TeXShop. This thesis writing software is software libre, available under the GNU General Public License. This means that not only is this thesis writing software available free of cost, if the researcher has any programming skills, he can change the program code of this thesis writing software to adapt it to his needs. This thesis writing software was developed by the popular American mathematics professor, Richard Koch. This thesis writing software is known for single handedly popularizing the TeX standard among the users of Macintosh computers. This thesis writing software has also won the Apple Design Award because of its ability and usefulness as a great thesis writing software for Mac, which can accurately render TeX documents containing scientific equations and formulas.

For those who are on the Linux platform, LyX is the best thesis writing software available. This thesis writing software follows an innovative approach called, What you see is what you think. This thesis writing software makes the user concentrate on matter of the thesis and takes care of the formatting itself, thanks to its support of LaTeX which is a high level version of TeX. Along with the fact that LyX is software libre, just like TeXShop, LyX is also available for users of Windows, Unix, Mac OS X and IBMs aging OS/2 platform.