Coffee Sets the Mood Right for a Weekend of Writing

It’s weekend again and like the last post I’ve written, I’m experiencing some downsides of freelance writing. We’ll for one, the issue with my eyes caused me to stop accepting or applying for assignments from oDesk. My regular client for ghostwriting has a limited assignments for the time being which means that I won’t be able to meet the quota I’ve set for the month.Coffee Sets the Mood Right for a Weekend of WritingBrowsing around for potential jobs disheartening. My only pick-me-upper for today is my favorite cup of coffee from a quiet nook here in the mall. A hot caramel cappuccino that has a strong bitter-sweet blend, just the way I want my coffee. Saturday mornings makes me think of Baba and the coffee he fixes for me and the way he pushes me to start writing while he does other house hold chores. Anyways, I have to get right back to my search and some updates for ze blogs. Thank goodness for my sweet cup, nothing beats coffee for a weekend of writing