College Research

Are you thinking about going to college but need to do some college research to pick the college or university that might be the best fit for you? The Fiske Guide to Colleges might be just what the doctor ordered. The Fiske Guide is revised and updated every year and has been a best-seller since it was first introduced over 10 years ago. The Fiske Guide to Colleges is considered the preeminent publication of its kind.

Are you looking for the best values in college education? You’ll find them in the Fiske Guide to Colleges. The most recent Fiske Guide to Colleges designates 41 colleges and universities as the best buys. One of them may be near you. The guide also ranks colleges and universities based on academics, social life, and quality of life.

Choosing the right college or university is one of the most important decisions you will make and could impact the rest of your life. You need to conduct college research to help you find the college or university that best meets your specific goals, interests, talents, and personality. Instead of traveling from college campus to college campus, let Fiske do it for you. The investment in the Fiske Guide to Colleges will pay for itself several times over when you consider how much it will save you in travel costs. Use the guide to narrow your list down to the few colleges and universities that meet your criteria.

Considering the high cost of a college education, you’d be wise to gather as much information as possible when making the decision on which college or university to attend. The Fiske Guide to colleges is like a college research tool with all the pertinent facts and information assembled in on convenient easy reference book.

The Fiske Guide to Colleges take an approach similar to the college research any college-bound student and his or her family would take. The colleges and universities are chosen using a selective process. No attempt is made to publish a cursory glance at each of the more than 2,500 colleges and universities in America. Instead, 300 of the best colleges and universities were selected and an in-depth evaluation of each is presented.

In conducting college research, there is also a subjective component and the Fiske Guide to Colleges subjectively evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the selected colleges and universities based on the information available. No college or university is perfect for a particular student but there are likely several that would be good fits based on the student’s personal criteria.

The Fiske Guide to Colleges provides college research based on the assumption that all the schools featured won’t be right for every student but each of them will be the best fit for some students. You know your personal criteria and you can use the information provided about the selected colleges and universities to pick the short list of colleges and universities that best meet your personal criteria and then focus on those particular colleges and universities.