Communication Styles: Are You Agressive?

There are many types of communication styles. We all have our own way of getting our ideas across to others. This is called our communication style. The main thing is we want to make sure that our style of communication is effective. We may think our communication style is one way but it may actually come across differently. Here is a look at some communication styles.Assertive communication styles are particularly good when we want to win people over. It is a wise communication style choice for people who want to boost their careers. It is important when considering communication styles that using an assertive communication style does not have elements of aggression, passivity, or passive –aggressive tones. Assertive communication does not include those elements for success. The latter elements alienate people and do not make for successful communication at all.

Communication Styles: Are You Agressive?The first thing with ones communication style is to analyze it. Lets look at aggressive factors in communication styles. You may want to put any of these aggressive communication styles in check to avoid misunderstandings, miscommunications or alienating those who you need to work with. With your communication style do you make choices and decisions for others? This is not good. You can suggest but have no right to dictate to others what they should choose to do, especially if it does not directly impact on your outcome.

If you are brutally honest and use direct, forceful tones you could scare away those you are trying to win over. They may find you overbearing. The same goes for demanding to have your own way, or only participate if you are the winner. No one wants to deal with someone they feel is self serving. It is better to suggest things than demand, with substantial facts to back up the suggestion. People tend to view an aggressive approach as being self-serving, controlling and arrogant. Being assertive is different. You are pointing out in a positive way where things could be better for everyone including yourself with a different idea.

On the other hand passive communication styles aren’t effective either. Passive communication styles make people feel uneasy. This style of communication comes across as someone who is wishy-washy and does not stand by his convictions. No one wants to listen to someone who has no belief in themselves or what they are saying. It confuses people, it makes people thing you are hiding something and are dishonest. When a passive person communicates, the people he or she is communicating with thinks they are sneaky and there is something going on beneath the surface. It is better to speak in a definite clear tonal approach if you are shy so you don’t come across as being weak.

Passive-aggressive communication styles tend to make people think you have emotional issues because your communication styles are constantly changing to suit the moment. You come across as loud sometimes and still not to the point. You also come across as manipulative swinging the communication style to suit your needs. People tend to view those that use passive aggressive communication styles as people who will do what ever it takes to come out ahead. They are viewed as someone you cannot trust.

When one uses assertive communication styles you come across as someone who is direct and honest. You seem to be a person who thinks and makes decisions for themselves. Others tend to respect you because you are clear on where you stand. You don’t give confusing signals.

People tend to want to deal with someone who is assertive in communicating with others. This is because with assertive communication styles your message is communicated honestly and clearly. People understand you and there is no confusion on issues. It shows you have goal initiative but are not over bearing. Usually assertive communication styles involve times of give and take to win as well. There will be an interchange of ideas on both sides to come to a solution. People always want to feel like they participated in a decision and an assertive person makes them feel that way because they are secure with themselves.