Content used to be the king of the Internet

Then the web was re-invented, and social networking was discovered, along with technology that produces a level playing field in the online industry where in the past only the rich or the corporate budgets could afford to create a website, now just about anyone with $20 bucks to get started can have a website up and running in less than three days.

Content became more important, the more content you had the better off you were in the search engines, that did not last however and so soon just content was not enough.

For a long time, Google was the king of the search engines, and for the most part they were however things changed, and the new kid on the block showed up and made a big mess in the sandbox and for the most part the new kid was ignored and laughed at by the masses. They even made jokes about this new impertinent, kid who dared to challenge the great and mighty Google and for a while it seemed as if the new kid was not going to ever get any real traction in the market place.

Googles big mistake. Google made a huge error in judgement, they thought that they were bigger and better than anyone, and no one could ever challenge them, but they were wrong.

They were wrong because they thought that they were too big to be challenged. Google failed to adapt to the changing market place, they failed to understand that they were in a bad position and did not even know it, because they had forgotten where they came from. Google forgot, that large corporate advertisers are of little use if you do not have buyers and consumers to offer up to those advertisers, google forget that very real fact and because of that the new kid on the block, got a food hold in the market, that new, kid was of course bing and through some very good advertising as well as a good service model that reflected the consumer first and the advertiser second.

Then Google fought back and made some changes, but they again failed to understand that advertisers must come second and the consumers and website searchers much come first. People are literally sick and tired of all the advertising with little or no real content to back that up. Google made some changes, but a lot of those changes were just skin deep the same old thing was at work in the background, so they tried to find a more literal approach to providing search information to consumers, if google does not make some changes soon they will once again find that they made a big mistake. Creative content is actually the new king, advertising is something that we will always have, but with all the competition, all the many thousands of websites online today, people do have a choice. That choice is becoming more and more “value oriented content” You would be wise to consider how this coming change might effect your website and its content. That might be the most important thing you do this year…