Your Copywriters Web Site They Need to Know Who You are

As a copywriter, you’re privy to many of your clients’ secrets. You know all about their target audience and their marketing plans. This means that before anyone asks you to do any copywriting for them, they have to trust you. They need to know that you won’t go running off to their competitors with what you know, for example.So copywriting as a new copywriter is all about trust: no trust, no copywriting jobs. But how do you start building that trust?

Your Web site is a good beginning. Your site tells your potential clients who you are, what you do, and who else trusts you. Here’s the good news: once you get a name as a copywriter, clients will come to you, and they’ll find you via your Web site.

Lets look at some of the material you should include on your site.

1. Its all about them, not about you

Your site isn’t about you: its about what you can do for your clients. So ensure that your site contains many more mentions of you than it does of I.

Write your site from your client’s point of view. Your clients want to trust you, but the online world is stuffed to the gunwales with assorted lunatics and scammers, so trust is not a given.

Copywriters get around this in various ways. The best way is to offer samples of the copy you’ve written, as well as a portfolio.

2. Offer samples of your writing

Of course, as a new copywriter, you won’t have many samples. This doesn’t matter. Just write samples of the kinds of copy you like to write, making it plain that these are samples, and that youre a new copywriter.

Want to hide the fact you’re new? Don’t! Clients have hired copywriters before will realize you’re new anyway and won’t hire you because you’re pretending. If you admit you’re new, people are willing to give you a chance: you hungry for work and you won’t charge as much as a pro would.

3. Offer references on request

Its a good idea to offer references. If you’re new, these will be people you’ve worked with before, or your copywriting teacher or mentor. As a copywriting teacher, I’m more than happy to provide references for students.

3. Target the audience for whom you want to write copy, as well as their clients

When you’re writing your site, remember to target those industries in which you want to work. Your copywriting clients love someone whos an expert in their industry.

For example, lets say you’ve spent the past five years working in the financial services industry, in a marketing capacity. You’re an insider: you be able to write great copy for that industry, because of the expertise you’ve developed.

So if you want to write copy for clients in that industry, display your expertise. Write some financial articles for your site, and include industry news, too. This is a subtle way to show that you know whats happening in the industry, and as stated, your clients will appreciate the fact that you’re an expert.

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