Copywriting and Public Relations Profitable Publicity

Want to increase your copywriting income fast for free? When you become skilled at using public relations (PR) tactics, your clients will love you, and youll make more money. PR is a powerful tool. It can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of free publicity, within several hundred words. Your successful copywriting practice must include PR, and you become a PR maven by using it for yourself in your own business. Read on to discover how.

Ever wondered where the media gets its news? The answer is spin. At least 75 per cent of all news stories originate from press releases written by copywriters. Some copywriters specialize in PR, and if you enjoy it, you can develop this specialty yourself.

How to Develop a PR Specialty in Your Copywriting Practice

Your first press release is sent out to your local media (newspapers, TV, radio) to announce your new copywriting services business. More often than not, local newspapers run the release as-is. They may even assign a reporter to write a story on you.

This kicks off your new copywriting business with a blast, because people trust editorial content, where theyll ignore most advertising. Youve just created an advertising coup, and it hasnt cost you a cent. Its the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to get your new business off the ground.

Copywriting and Public Relations Profitable PublicityI recommend the press release tactic to all my copywriting students, and am always amused when theyre shocked at how easy it is to get publicity. Its easy because the media needs a constant supply of news stories, and if you can supply those stories, youre golden.

However, useful as the press release is, there is an even more powerful PR strategy you can use a full-fledged media campaign.

A media campaign is run for a specific period, to generate a specific result. Your aim is to brand something into the public consciousness. Done well, youll never need to advertise your business at all.

As a beginner, creating a media campaign has two powerful effects. Not only do you get an inkling of how the media works, you also learn how to do it for others, once youve done it successfully for yourself.

Every copywriter needs to become skillful at using PR. The big benefit of using PR for yourself is that its a free way to get all the copywriting clients you can handle.

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