Your Copywriting Blog: the Fast Route to Clients and Cash

Want a constant stream of copywriting clients? If you’re advertising to get clients, you’re wasting time and money. Discover the power of a blog for copywriters in this article. Firstly, lets think about what a blog actually is. A blog is a Web site which has attributes such as RSS feeds which make it appealing to the search engines.Since blogs are so appealing to the search engines, blogs give you free advertising. Why pay $150 a day to advertise, when your blog posts can appear at the top of the search engine results for free?

Lets look at four ways blogging helps you to build your copywriting services business.

1. Who Are You? Forget Advertising, Start Blogging

The first way a blog helps you is by creating a presence for you online. A presence gives you the chance to create a brand, when you think of every blog post you write as an advertisement for your business. An advertisement moreover, which will stay online forever, bringing you new clients. Your potential clients want to know Who are you? a blog tells them.

If you’re wondering whether blogging and creating a presence is effective: yes, it is. I know several copywriting colleagues who post only occasionally because if they blog too much, they get more clients than they can handle.

2. Case Studies Lure Clients

The second way blogging helps you to build your copywriting business is in giving you a show case for case studies. Clients love to know how you’ve helped others. Case studies develop trust and credibility for you.

3. A Blog Reminds Past Clients Who You Are

Clients hire you for a project, and quickly forget you when the projects were done. This is natural. If you only need an electrician once a year, do you remember his name?

Your blog, and the developing online presence you have, remind your clients of your past relationship, and they’ll hire you again when they need you, because they remember your name.

4. Blog and Tweet to Stay in Touch

A blog has built-in tools to help you to stay in touch with current and past clients, as well as develop new ones. You appear in your clients feed reader, and if you use the micro blogging tool Twitter as an additional way of staying in touch, you’re just a short instant message away.

If you’ve yet to discover the power of blogging for your copywriting business, start blogging today.