Copywriting fees should you advertise your fees?

I receive several questions about copywriting fees each week, so if you’re a new copywriter, here’s the the gist on fees:

1. What you charge is up to you, no one else. Only you know what your services are worth;2. You should have a Web site, and my preference is for displaying your (approximate) rates on the site. This cuts down on the number of frivolous enquiries you receive;

3. Charge a retainer of at least 50 percent;

4. Always send a copy of your copywriting services agreement with the invoice for the retainer.

An additional point which isn’t related to fees, but which is vitally important: always rewrite the brief (the project description) in your own words, and add it to your services agreement. You’ll be amazed at how often your understanding of the brief doesn’t match the clients. Rewriting the brief ensures that both you and your client know what you’re writing.

Happy writing. :-)