Copywriting for the World Powerful Words and SEO mean Sales

Copywriting for the Web means copywriting for a world wide audience; it also means copywriting for the search engines, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this article youll discover the basics of writing Web-friendly copy, so that you will make sales for your clients (or for yourself)Many copywriters approach Web copywriting as if theyre writing direct response. While this is fine, this approach means that youre missing out on lots of traffic and sales. Put bluntly, youre leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here are four simple SEO tips which will help you to get traffic to your Web sales pages:

1. Write headlines with search in mind

When I go to Google and search for a product or service, and cant find it, I know that a copywriter has failed in his job.

Read your own sales pages. Do you include the name of the product or service in your headlines? You may be shocked to realize that you dont.

If you fail to add the product name in your headlines, you minimize your chances of getting traffic and sales via the search engines.

Try this: after your Web sales page is live, and has been indexed by the search engines (this may take a month or longer, if the site is new) do a search for the product name. If you cant find it, rewrite the sales page and include the product name prominently.

2. Beware the most useless page title ever Home

Untold millions of Web pages are titled Home, and Welcome. As a page title, both of these are completely useless.

Include the product name in the page title. By doing this, you will increase traffic, and sales.

Because the page title and the page description (see below) are so vital for search engine traffic, I always write them first because I know that no matter how brilliant the copy may be, if no one reads it, its useless.

Please dont say: Yes, but were using advertising, so that Web stuff doesnt matter. If youre using Pay Per Click advertising, good titles and descriptions will increase your Quality Score in Google, so youll save money. And if youre not paying attention to the organic traffic you get from the Web, youre throwing money away.

3. Great keyword-relevant page descriptions lead to sales

Include relevant keywords in your page descriptions dont use headlines, or straight sales copy. Your descriptions must include relevant keywords, and the product name.

4. Remember Who are you? and write the all-important About page

Trust counts on the Web. If youve been asked to write copy for a client, go to his Web site, and check the About page. If the client doesnt have one, write one for him.

Scams abound on the Web. A well-written About page goes a long way toward developing trust. The page should include contact details, and it should not be written as a sales page. Its a straight informational page.

So there you have four tips to help you to write great Web copy. Your clients will appreciate the care and attention you take.