Copywriting Get Excited and Sell

Want to become an effective copywriter? Develop excitement about your product and youll be able to sell it enthusiasm is catching. Theres an adage in copywriting that you should focus on the benefits, and so you should. However, just describing a products benefits isnt enough. Your aim should always be to get to the heart of what makes your product great.When you get to the heart of your product, youll get excited. For example, when Steve Jobs described the new iPod Touch as the funnest iPod ever, his grammar was incorrect but his excitement shone through.

If you take nothing else from this article, I hope that it convinces you that the best copywriting isnt formulaic, its inspired. That inspiration develops from your own enthusiasm.

Im sure youre thinking, Great but how do I get enthusiastic?

Heres how.

1. Develop a Persona a Character Whos the Products Audience

The more you know about a product, the better. If the product is your own, enthusiasm will come naturally. When the product is new to you, spend time researching it, its uses, and if possible, use it yourself.

You can even develop a persona for the product. Professional copywriters often develop a persona for a product to help them to write.

They research the product, and its intended audience, until they can develop a complete characterization; a real person who uses the product. They know the persons age, his job, his lifestyle, the clothes he wears, the music he listens to and the places he goes to. They even give the person a name. Then they write to that one person.

2. Listen to What People Say About the Product

If you can, visit forums, malls, and conferences to find out what the products users say about it.

What do the developers say? The more information you have, and the more your familiarity with the product grows, the more likely it is that your excitement about the product will build.

3. Excitement Is Transferable What Do You Feel Excited About?

Lets say that youve developed a persona for the product and you know all about it, but your excitement level is zero.

When this happens, you can trick yourself.

Think about what you are excited about. Is it golf, horse racing, music? Think about your favorite activity, and let your enthusiasm for it build. Now think about your product. Transfer the excitement.

Youll be surprised that this actually works. However, go through the first two research steps first; you need lots of input to develop ideas.

Nothing sells like enthusiasm, so get excited about your copywriting project; youll be pleased at the results.