Copywriting for the Web: Write Landing Pages Which Convert

Want to learn a profitable Web copywriting skill? If you can write landing pages which convert (that is, make sales), you can name your own price as a copywriter. Here’s a vital tip: your landing pages should never stand alone, for best results they need to be part of a campaign.Here are the essentials for writing a high-converting landing page:

* Your page needs an emotional hook to snag the reader;

* Your page must answer the reader’s questions;

* Your page must make taking action easy.

Supporting Your Page: Writing Naked Landing Pages Is a Mistake

Before you start writing, consider how you support your landing page. Writing naked landing pages without supporting materials is always a mistake, and is the primary cause of low conversions. You must have supporting marketing materials for your landing page because, at the end of 400 or 4000 words, you’re asking your reader to pay you money.

Your supporting materials warm up the customer, so that he’s more likely to buy once he reaches your landing page.

Many Web marketers support their landing pages with a squeeze page: asking the reader to opt-in to an offer, before sending him to the landing page. While this is useful, because it gives you the ability to contact the customer again at any time, its far from the only supporting solution.

Write a Complete Campaign, With One or Several Landing Pages

Landing pages, which are also known as sales pages, developed from the roots of direct response copywriting. Because it grew from those roots, many copywriters are blinded. They think in terms of one landing/ sales page for a campaign, forgetting that on the Web, you can write as many landing pages as you need.

Think in terms of a complete marketing campaign for a product, rather than just a sales page.

Start with developing a primary theme for the campaign: whats the product? Who will buy it, and why do they need it? Then consider how you get prospects to your landing page/ pages. If you’re buying traffic for example, research keywords, and write a landing page for each Pay Per Click campaign.

Web copywriting is a new field, and you’ll write high-converting landing pages when you use the opportunities the Web gives you to warm up customers with supporting materials, and then create specific campaigns, rather than a single page.