Copywriting: Writing Pay Per Click Marketing Copy

Writing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads is easy, isnt it? Just a dinky headline, two lines of copy, plus your URL: all done in a minute or two. Unfortunately its not that simple; creating PPC campaigns which convert is an art. Whether youre a copywriter whos working for others, or youre creating PPC copy for yourself, its worth learning how to do this. These particular copywriting skills are valuable. They can make you a great deal of money.Lets look at four steps to creating powerful PPC campaigns in this article.

1. Product Research Comes First

Your first step is product research. As with any copywriting task, the more you know about the product which youre promoting the more successful you will be.

Ideally, youll have material from your products previous marketing campaigns to review. If your product is new, youre flying blind.

2. Keyword and Market Research: Use Your Creativity

Your next step is keyword and market research. Its essential that you use your creativity for this. Remember that although keyword tools are useful, they only offer historical data. They show you words which people have searched for in the past, they cant predict what people will search for next month or in six months.

Therefore, the most important task in your keyword research is to research the market; go to forums and other areas where the target audience hangs out, and discover what words theyre using now.

3. Writing Ad Groups

Once youve collected keywords, its time to write your ad groups. The number of ad groups you create will depend on the product, and also on your client. If youre creating a PPC campaign for yourself, it depends on how much time you have available.

I like to start with two ad groups, just to test the waters

4. Writing Web Sales Pages for Ad Groups

Finally, its time to write your landing pages for your ad groups. Yes, you need a specific landing page for every group. The keywords youre using must appear on your landing pages, because relevancy is vital in successful PPC campaigns.

So there you have some copywriting steps which will help you to create successful PPC campaigns. Once you become known as a PPC copywriter, youll have eager clients clamoring to work with you.

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