Coursework Summary

Coursework summaries are given to every student at the beginning of every course. A coursework summary informs the student of what will be expected during the course. Courseworks summaries are not intended to be written in stone and may change throughout the duration of the course. An instructor may add or subtract assignments as necessary to update the coursework summary at any time.Most instructors will go over the courseworks summary during the first class meeting. At that time, the instructor will clarify the requirements of the course and will answer any inquiries that students might have. A good courseworks summary will generally give a listing of course dates, reading assignments, and project due dates. Again, the dates related to the assignments might change, but, for the most part, the assignments themselves remain the same.

Coursework summaries are given to students so that they can plan their study and assignment time. Instructors are aware that students generally juggle several courses at the same time and providing them with coursework summaries helps students integrate the requirements of each course into their busy schedules. Coursework summaries also give students the opportunity to assess the work required in the class before they actually become embroiled in a course they may not be able to handle.

Coursework Summary

Students should also receive coursework summaries before each assignment. A bit different from the overall coursework’s summary, these mini-summaries detail only what is expected to complete that particular assignment. The instructor might give these coursework summaries verbally or he or she might distribute handouts which detail the instructions for the project. Students who are not completely clear on the instructions should ask for clarification before they begin work on the assignment.

Coursework summaries are a useful tool for instructors and pupils. Since instructors often teach the same course several times an instructional period and might also teach that course in subsequent instructional periods, coursework summaries are a way for the instructor to perfect and maintain a consistent record of the work required for the course.

Coursework summaries are a useful tool for students because they allow the disorganized student to have a written record of assignment due date and requirements. They also allow the ambitious student to work ahead in the course and get a jump on reading assignments and other class projects. And, for the student who must miss a class for personal or work-related reasons, the coursework’s summary can help him or her stay on track in the class.