Dealing with Controversial Research Topics

Controversial research topics as the term itself suggests, are there to provoke controversy and debate. The basic idea is to present a topic which addresses an issue about which people have different and strong opinions. Argumentative topics or controversial topics often address a political, environmental, religious or a humanitarian issue.Writing about a controversial topic can be difficult sometimes since strong opinions and emotions are involved. If you are inexperienced regarding controversial research topics then contact us at Our professionally trained writers can help you with your essay topic.

How to Find a Controversial Research Topic

Researching for controversial research topics is the easy part. One can easily find issues people fight over and use it in a productive manner thus resulting in your essay. Here are a few ways to look for controversial topics:

  • You can look for such issues in newspapers.
  • Books and magazines can be equally helpful.
  • Online libraries, blogs and other databases can be a good source of information.
  • Try reading through essays previously written on controversy and argument.

Dealing with Controversial Research Topics

Choosing the Right Controversial Research Topic

Finding argumentative research topics is not a problem, choosing the right one is. Since it is a matter of strong opinion, one must focus on a topic that the writer personally cares about. Choose a productive controversial research topic that is academically significant, pick a side from the two controversies presented by the topic and then stick to it.

Involve your sentiments and strong opinions in the essay. This is to ensure that a strong argument is built from all the aspects of the chosen controversial topic.

A Few Controversial Research Topics

It is advised that you research and acquire a controversial research topic on your own. Nonetheless, to give you an idea of what type of topic is required from you; following are a few instances for your review:

  • Does the attack on the world trade center on September the 11th, 2001 justify the attack on Iraq?
  • Are behavioral problems caused by violent video games and cartoons?
  • Is the information we receive from media true?
  • Morality in media.
  • Prayer in public schools.
  • Is Hollywood a negative influence?
  • Should executions be televised?
  • Is it okay for the Danish Cartoonists to mock Muhammad and completely atrocious for the Iranian Cartoonists to mock the Holocaust?

The above stated are only a few examples of what issues a controversial research topic can address and how the topic should be devised to maximize its effect on the reader.