Developing a Website and College Education Admissions

One way to show a college education admissions office you are becoming an expert in a particular field: develop a website about the field that you want to enter. You can even make money from your website.

One person I know of became an expert on the beaches in a vacation area. She created a website about her knowledge

People are now paying her for her advice about the best vacation spots and real estate.

I do not think she will have much trouble getting into a good business school if she wants to. Not just because she has one successful website. It’s because she shows initiative, passion, expertise and ability that most people do not exhibit. Most people are too busy surviving and entertaining themselves, which is nothing special.

As you make a website about the topic that you are interested in (the career that you are interested in), you will be showing the college education admissions office that you can research and learn on your own. It shows that you are passionate and motivated to learn. And it shows that you have a certain uniqueness and potential that the average student just doesn’t have.

And who knows, as you become an expert, other ideas may come to you that only geniuses get.

Making a website is easy, if you have the right tools. It’s a great hobby if the website is about something that you are interested in. And once you have a website, you can make money (without even selling anything!).

So where can you get all the tools and knowledge to make a great website, increase your knowledge on a topic that might help you get into college, and make some money too?

Most college education admissions offices are looking for special qualities. Everyone has special qualities. It’s up to you to identify them, develop them, and demonstrate to the college education admissions office that you have them.