Dissertation discussion

The main content of a dissertation discussion is the writer’s interpretation of the results. Whether your results meet with your expectation or not, it is always best to analyze them in line with your hypothesis. When doing this, make sure that you have valid arguments. Your discussion must be backed up by reliable and relevant reference materials. ThesisEditor.co.uk has competent and credible academic writers capable of creating the most reliable dissertation. We produce quality academic papers, custom made to fit your needs.

Academic writing is a true challenge. When writing a dissertation, be it an introduction to a dissertation or the dissertation discussion, a certain level of pressure will always be experienced by the writer. Creating a substantial, flawless and original academic paper is perceived by many students as a constant challenge in a university. ThesisEditor.co.uk is home to experienced academic writers. To help you ease your writing worries away, we have provided you with a guide on how to write the discussion section of your paper.

  • Start your discussion with a general description of your findings. Prove these observations or findings by mentioning the related results found in your dissertation.
  • Identify why your findings are important. Aside from directly addressing your hypothesis, you can also enumerate the reasons how you think your paper contributed t o the discipline or subject you have chosen.
  • It is recommended by many academic writers to relate your paper to other published works with a similar topic. If there are any similarities, identify them. If there are differences, identify them as well but also provide reasons why such discrepancies occurred.

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