Dissertation Writing common mistakes

Every student has to write a dissertation to attain the final degree with distinction. In most of the European and USA universities, every student from graduate to doctoral degree needs to write a dissertation as a final project. Without a successful dissertation no student can get this degree and the sole purpose of dissertation writing is to judge the skills and learning of students during the academic career.Writing a dissertation is of course not so easy as it requires a deep research into the chosen area of study, data collection from different available sources and data analysis using SPSS and similar data analysis software. So, every student doing dissertation writing should be familiar with all these aspects of dissertation writing.

However, many of the students fail to achieve the final year degree just because they commit mistakes in dissertation writing. This article highlights these mistakes and how to avoid such mistakes to achieve better grades in dissertation writing.

There are 4 critical dissertation writing mistakes that turns even good research work into a poorly written dissertation. So, every student should take care of these mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible.

•    The very first mistake which most of the students commit is that they try to imitate their peers to brainstorm dissertation ideas. Although it is natural thing on the part of students as they feel attracted to those seniors who have same interest and got through the dissertation writing. However, this approach does not work always and as the dissertation writing must be a unique process. In order to come up with unique ideas dissertation topics,  students must seek the assistance of some experienced and expert dissertation writer to have unique and attractive dissertation ideas.Dissertation Writing common mistakes

•    Second common mistake by the students is to choose dissertation topics which are already researched and offer no value to the academic research. Naturally, students search the old dissertations to have an idea of any possible dissertation topic. However, the old research does not provide them what gaps are left to conduct a new research. So, it is important to spare enough time in searching these gaps which should be filled by new research.

•    Thirdly, you should not every choose a broad dissertation topic as you will fail to come up with sound conclusions for your research. So, you must choose only a specific topic which is sure to explore in-detail.

•    Finally, a dissertation outline is the most critical thing that most of students tend to ignore and start their dissertation wringing process without a proper plan. This will lead students to write irrelevant parts which the supervisors will reject instantly. So, it is very critical that before starting dissertation writing, students should write down a dissertation outline and follow it closely.

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