Distance Learning and College Education Admissions

Getting past the college education admissions office is a little easier if your college has a distance learning program.

It is usually easier to get into a distance learning program of a college than to get into a traditional on-campus college. For example, Harvard University has a distance learning program that is “open admissions,” which means that previous grades are not used in deciding whether or not you can take classes there.

Once you do well in a few distance learning courses, it will be a little easier to transfer into the school’s regular on-campus program, than it would be to apply to the school as a total outsider.

You should also get a recommendation from the teacher of the class you attend. What better recommendation can you get than a teacher in the same college that you are applying to!

You may like the flexibility of an online education so much that you may not even want to switch.

Even if you can’t transfer to your college’s traditional campus program, in this case, Harvard, you can stay in the distance learning program and graduate. Then you will be able to say that you graduated from Harvard!

Also, don’t forget to have conversations with the teacher so he/she knows you are very interested in the subject, and the teacher gets to know you as a person, not just a student i.d. number.