I Don’t Like Writing Tasks

You are a student and you have a lot of different writing tasks. Has it ever occurred to you that you start thinking: “I Don’t Like Writing tasks!”? If yes, then this article is just for you, since I Don’t Like Writing tasks too. What for should students perform their writing assignments, such as writing term papers, courseworks, research papers, etc.I think that if a student has some gift for writing some academic papers, which presupposes carrying out some research, he or she should develop it in a form of different writing tasks, but what if I do not feel like investigating something, but I am made do this by the specificity of the educational program. It is at least unfair against students. How we can speak about the freedom of choice, when we cannot even do this.I Don’t Like Writing Tasks

It becomes clear that even on this level, students have no possibility to make their choice.

It does not mean that writing tasks should be excluded from the educational system. No, in order to decide whether you like or dislike something, you should try it. So, first of all, students should try their hand in writing assignments and only then decide whether they will continue doing this or not.

After I have done heaps of writing assignments, I can say that I Don’t Like Writing tasks, but this cannot be the same case with you. So, try to do your best, when you are assigned to your first task and only then make your decision.

Good luck!