Easy Copywriting: Five Ways to Make Money

If you’ve heard about all the money there is in copywriting, and wonder how you can get started as a freelance copywriter, read on. Many writers are scared of copywriting, but it’s easy. If you can write a letter that makes sense, you’re good to go. You read copy every day, and without knowing it, you’ve absorbed many copywriting skills.But what do copywriters write? Here are five forms to get you started.

1. Write brochures great income for 200 words

Brochures are short. Some brochures contain just a tagline, a short description, and information on how to respond. Some businesses produce brochures for hundreds of products think of realtors, and manufacturers.

2. Write informational white papers for the business to business trade

Many businesses are in business to business markets (think health) which frowns on blatant sales pitches. These businesses produce overviews and product information copy sometimes called white papers, although they can be called anything.

White papers vary in length, from five to many pages, depending on the information they provide; theyre a subtle form of selling.

Easy Copywriting: Five Ways to Make Money

3. Write press releases: businesses love to get free advertising

Essentially the aim of a press release is to get publicity for a business. Its free advertising, often worth many thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you have a knack of writing press releases, you can base your complete copywriting service around that.

Press releases are written to a format, and you need to keep to that format, because some newspapers will print your release exactly as you write it.

4. Write radio spots write for performance

Writing for performance, for radio, TV, and speeches, is highly paid. You can break in with radio spots as radio ads are known.

It’s easy to break into radio copywriting, because usually DJs are left to write these ads, and they hate it. So get some experience in writing samples, and then ask for an interview at a local radio station.

Radio spots are short. Tape some ads, and transcribe them so you can see how it’s done.

5. Write taglines short slogans

Most taglines or slogans are short: five to ten words long, and often a tagline will come to you as an inspiration.

I know one new copywriter who launched a whole career when he wrote a tagline for a store. The store owner loved the tagline so much he introduced the copywriter to the head of an advertising agency.