Effective Thesis Presentation

Once you have finished preparing your thesis, you believe that the work is over, but the toughest part is yet to come. It is the thesis presentation. This is the part where you have to present your thesis to the fellow students and the advisors among many other people. So you better prepare your thesis presentation and defense before the final day arrives. Here are few suggestions that could come in use.

  • Try to see one or more presentation for thesis before you present your own presentation. You should try to focus on the interactions that occur in these presentations, this will give you a fair idea as to how can you can tackle some of the questions.
  • Discuss your thesis with your friends and colleagues before you present it. Try to understand their point of view and questions. You should see if your research is clear or not and whether an advanced explanation is needed. Also note if there is any change warranted in the order in which you are providing the information.
  • You should see that you are perfectly working in harmony with your dissertation director. Only when he/she approves what you have done, should you should think of sharing it with the rest of the committee. If you do it before, then you’ll be told to make different changes by different committee members. Therefore to avoid this, you should always work in close association with the dissertation director because he/she will also help you in avoiding irrelevant questions, once he/she is completely convinced of your thesis.
  • You should also not be over defensive of your thesis presentation. There may be times when the people have some other points of view to share but you stick on your point of view because having spent your time doing this research, you think you know the best. Such a situation can turn pretty ugly, however, you can deal with it by just considering the idea. This will help you avoid any controversies without backing up. In addition, you don’t promise anything, therefore, you don’t have to actually implement any change as long as it is not adding to your thesis. You need to be politically correct in such a situation so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

A good preparation for thesis presentation is done by keeping all these things in mind will help you avoid all the problems and inconveniences and will boost your thesis presentation to ensure that you pass your course with flying colors.