Essay Writing, Business Proposal Writing, Paper Writing

Writing is an interesting topic. What are you writing for? Are you writing a diary or personal journal? Writing a paper for school? Writing a business proposal? Writing a sales letter? Or writing something else?

It all starts with the alphabet. We learn it early in life somewhere around kindergarten or the first grade and at the time we don’t realize the building blocks we’ve just discovered. We take the letters and build them into words. The words are built into sentences, paragraphs, pages, and perhaps one day even books.

Writing has been used an effective form of communication for centuries dating back to before pencils and paper even existed. Ancient civilizations used to hammer messages on stone tablets. It must have been a painstaking effort but apparently they saw some value in doing it or they wouldn’t have written on stone tablets.Essay Writing, Business Proposal Writing, Paper Writing

Writing in some ways is a superior form of communication than speech. Speech offers the advantage of immediacy. You can speak your mind and there it is for the world to hear. But what about textbooks that teach doctors the field of medicine. Those types of academic topics are better put in writing for generations to read. Can you imagine of the subjects you learned in school were taught by word of mouth. How confusing would that be?

The disadvantage of writing at least to some would be the permanence of it. With technology today, it’s simple to write someone an email message or write an entry in a blog. But you should be aware that putting anything in writing online is just like putting it on a billboard on the highway so you might want to be careful about what you write.

Torrid extramarital love affairs have been exposed when the jilted spouse discovers the email. Employer/employee disputes have ended up in court with emails as evidence. It might not be totally like George Orwell’s 1984 where Big Brother was watching everything but it’s definitely a step in that direction.

The power of words is also amazing. A special kind of writers called copywriters are paid huge sums of money to write sales letters. Some people refer to these letters as junk mail but do you think marketers would continue to send junk mail if it didn’t produce results? Not likely.

The interesting thing is that certain words and phrases have been tested and proven to elicit emotional buying responses from consumers. If a $100 product is being sold and over time it’s known that for every 100 letters sent there will be 1 sale made, then how many letters would you send? Let’s say it costs 50 cents to mail a letter including postage, paper and envelope. That means it costs $50 to send 100 letters and the profit is $100. So you make $50 every time you send 100 letters. Marketers send so many letters because it’s all scalable. Send 100 letters and make $50 but send 1,000,000 letters and make $500,000. Now you probably want to learn how to write effective sales copy.