Essay Writing Tips

The essay is one of the most common and popular forms of writing. Reports can be creative or academic, casual or formal, personal or public. Most students are introduced to essay form in middle or high school, and are expected to have become comfortable with it by the time they reach college. However, no matter how strong a writer is or how facile with essay form, there is always room for improvement. The following essay tips are intended for writers of all abilities, as each report tip can be applied or implemented in various stages of a writer’s development.

Essay Tip #1:
Write a strong thesis. This is one of the most important report tips. A thesis is the backbone of a report. Strong theses are clear, direct, and specific, and invite thought. An essay with a strong thesis has limitless potential.

Essay Tip #2:
Use strong language. Good writers use colorful, expressive, and concrete language. All writers can revise for strong language by carefully considering how they can change their words to be more concrete and specific. For instance, a writer can change a word like “want” to a word like “covet” or “desire.” Both of these words convey a far more specific meaning than “want.”essay tips

Essay Tip #3:
Be clear. Most student texts suffer from a lack of clarity. Often, this is because their writers have not fully identified what they think about the topic on which they are writing. Clarity can be achieved by challenging each word or sentence and attempting to make it more direct and precise.

Essay Tip #4:
Stay focused. Though it may be tempting to include a side note or tangential story in an article, this should be avoided. These ideas should be saved, as they may be the foundations for whole essays in the future; however, when writing an article, every paragraph must relate directly to the topic. Those that don’t relate are distracting.

Essay Tip #5:
Go beyond the obvious. Good essays demonstrate complex and mature thought. The writer should convey that he or she has engaged fully with the topic and thought extensively about it and its implications. If the article is for a class, this means that the writer should go far deeper than what has been discussed in class lectures or presented in course readings.

Essay Tip #6:
Be creative. This is one of the most neglected essay tips. Students assume that academic writing must always be dull, formal, and standard. This is not the case. There is much room for innovation, even within the parameters of essay conventions. Students should strive to express themselves and find new ways of working within those conventions to be original and compelling.