What Exactly is an Essay Prompt?

An essay prompt is a statement formulated for the purpose of testing the writing skills of the student. In fact an essay prompt motivates more than it tests the skills of the students by encouraging them to produce a piece of writing that reflects their skills and channels their thoughts. Thus an essay prompt inspires the student to express their knowledge in the form of an essay.When dealing with an essay prompt you must be aware of the fact that the sole purpose of the prompt is to stimulate your writing. Thus to produce a good essay, you must be able to analyze the essay prompt in a manner that is productive to your essay.

Analyzing Essay Prompts

Some prompts are in the form of questions while others take the form of a stimulating statement. However, essay prompts are built around a few basic elements which you should be aware of in order to produce a good essay. Some of these elements are discussed as under:

  • What Exactly is an Essay Prompt?Don’t get confused when faced with an essay prompt. It will always give you room to think creatively and analytically.
  • Essay prompts have well-defined boundaries that may restrict you from straying off the topic. Learn to respect these or your essay will loose its relation to the theme presented by the prompt.
  • An essay prompt may contain an indication to whether you are to write an argumentative, expository and persuasive or a narrative essay. You must learn to interpret this indication.
  • An essay prompt will give you a specific subject, topic or a theme to address.
  • A prompt is always aimed to produce original thought. Do not worry about being forced to write in a predetermined manner.

Essay Prompts Requiring Explanation or Deductive Reasoning

Some essay prompts like “Why do you think we are faced with the problem of global warming today?” require deductive reasoning to answer the topic presented in the essay prompt. Whereas, essay prompts like “Explain the process of condensation of water vapors in relation to the water cycle.” require you to elucidate and expand a certain aspect of the essay prompt, which in this case would be the process of condensation of water vapors.

When dealing with essay prompts bear in mind that an organized and a rational response is expected from you. Put your thoughts in order and present a logical and well derived discussion. If you have any problems dealing with essay prompts; contact us at essaywritingblog.com for professional assistance