What Exactly is Web Content Writing?

A few people in the writing group I am a member of have been asking what web content writing is and what exactly a website content writer does. Instead of sending them different replies I have decided to post this blog explaining what website content writing is.It all started with Google attaching an unprecedented importance to the textual content of web pages. It was a simple logic: if your website (or web pages) deals with a particular topic, then you should have lots of content regarding that topic. I’m talking about “optimized website content” here. The content is specifically written to convince Google and other search engines that this website contains lots of information that deals with the expression being searched for. So if someone looks for “wooden furniture” and your website contains lots of information on “wooden furniture” then there is a great probability that your website will get a higher ranking and will show among the top 5 or top 10 results. If you search for “content writer” on Google, my website comes up among the top 1 results – it has been there for the past 6 months and if it has vanished or moved down it means I’m not taking care of my own website.

Considering that there are thousands of websites that come up for this term, I can say that my website is optimized better than thousands of other websites. A lot of webmasters want to achieve similar results for their websites because this can significantly enhance their business prospects. A website content writer writes such content. This is one aspect.

Getting traffic to your website is not enough. If you write website content just to entice search engines and not much action happens on the business side you are just digging the mud out of a hole. There are three things that separate you from normal, run-of-the-mill content writers: [1] you have to get traffic to the website; [2] that traffic should be relevant to your website; and [3] the traffic should eventually culminate into business. If you can deliver these three things, there is no dearth of work for you as a website content writer.

Actually getting traffic is easy because no matter how smartly the search engine algorithms work, some smart-ass so-called SEO experts manage to generate traffic and hoodwink webmasters. They are only bothered about their fee and not at all bothered about whether the webmaster successfully does business from his or her website or not. These types of people don’t get repeat work and they continuously have to scrounge the Internet for gullible clients.

So you not only have to be a content writer who can get relevant traffic, you also have to be a copywriter who can convince the visitors to do business with your client. That’s where your real power lies as a website content writer. It all boils down to how much money your writing makes.

With the same stroke you have to write for search engines and also for the visitors and only those content writers can achieve this who have some good writing skills. The keywords shouldn’t sound nonsensically repetitive and still they should appear enough times to satisfy the calculations of the search engine robots. The visitor doesn’t even realize that the keyword is being repeated again and again and you have to do all this while selling the business idea to the visitor.

Gradually the website owners are realizing this and hence are getting their content professionally written. It’s not about knowing the language – majority of my work comes from the US and the UK where English is their native language – and sometimes I do make mistakes that my clients and visitors point out.

Seo Content Writing is Good for your business

Some web masters try to undermine the importance of SEO content writing because they think if they are already paying for AdWords and similar programs, getting optimized content for their websites doesn’t make sense. Well, they are getting it all wrong.

Such confusions takes place because very few people know what optimization really means. They think optimization is carried out merely to get found by the search engine robots and get ranked higher. Yes, this is a big reason to get your website optimized, but a bigger reason is, when you get your website content written by a “good” website content writer – content you call optimized – he or she writes it in such a manner that it lucidly conveys your message to the reader. This is what matters the most, and this is what very few website content writer can achieve for you: getting your message across, and writing search engine friendly content along the way. There is no use getting found and get listed among the top 10 results if people who come to your website don’t actually want to do business with you. If you’re getting high traffic for all the wrong reasons, you are not only not doing business, you are also spending money on the bandwidth that is being used by the useless traffic.

Content writing that is optimized for the right traffic automatically gets optimized for search engines. And if you optimize your content for search engines with a clear perspective, your content automatically gets optimized for your readers. So when you are optimizing your content for search engines – in the right manner – you are actually doing a favor to your business.