Examples Of Thesis Writing

If you are about to write a thesis for English honors, then you must be anxious to see an example of thesis writing. Well, instead of looking at one example of thesis writing why not study different examples of thesis writing to find the one that suits you the best. There are mainly seven types of thesis writing, literary/cultural, non-fiction, electronic/multimedia, interdisciplinary, English education and creative writing thesis.

  • Literary/cultural It usually involves a focused essay of 30-40 pages with a comprehensive bibliography, and an overview of 4-5 pages. It demonstrates a critical, creative perspective and makes an original comment on the chosen topic. The overview features, the students reflection on the agenda and the intellectual learning since the start of the project.
  • Non-fiction It includes some course work in nonfiction writing approved by the Honors Director and the Director of the NWP. At least three non-fiction writing classes are recommended.
  • Electronic or multimedia thesis It involves the submission of a multimedia or electronic project by the student. Another requirement is that the thesis should be produced in a way that the electronic nature remains with the theme or the subject.
  • Interdisciplinary thesis for double honors It should be of an interdisciplinary nature. It involves a visible mastery of both the disciplines in a research bibliography written comprehensively. It involves 8-10 pages of overview written by the student, about the agenda, rationale, and interdisciplinary nature of the project from beginning to end.
  • English education This type of thesis writing is done under the supervision of a member of the faculty of English education. The thesis has to be at least 30-40 pages in length and should integrate the students English studies and education. It should show a hold on the theoretic perspectives and arguments related to English education.
  • Creative Writing thesis Students who want to produce a creative thesis in poetry or fiction writing adapt creative writing thesis. It involves a course work in creative writing thoroughly approved by the Honors Director and a Writers Workshop faculty member. It is usually divided into 25-60 pages of a creative piece and a reading list consisting 12-15 works, which have to be selected in agreement with the advisor.

These are the predominant types of thesis writing for English honors. If you are looking for the type of thesis writing that suits you the best then you can find an example of thesis writing from the above mentioned examples.